Hermanus History Society

Dear Member,

As some of you will know, the U3A presentation on Artists in Hermanus History scheduled for 24 May had to be postponed for technical reasons. It will be scheduled later in the year, and all History Society members will be advised.

Meanwhile, the History Society’s programme for 2021 continues. On 21 June, Robin Lee will present a talk on the History of High Street. A description of the talk is given below.

We are monitoring the rollout of vaccination closely in Hermanus, as our July meeting is scheduled to be held ‘face-to-face’ (as the new terminology has it) in the Catholic Church Hall.  Michael Clark is organising a group of longstanding Hermanus residents with long memories to share these memories with us, more recent or younger members. It is most desirable to do this in an environment allowing personal interaction, for which all attending should be vaccinated. We will keep you posted.