Hermanus History Society

TIME: 16.00

How a message in a bottle and a child’s photos taken in Bechuanaland in the 1950s became history.

Today’s presenter, Angela Heslop, spent her early life in the Bechuanaland Protectorate, with her holidays spent with her sister Carolyn, on the farm Bonnington, near Gaberone. Later the family returned to the UK. Later still, Angela came to South Africa.

In 2014, Angela and Carolyn were invited to assist museum curators in Botswana to create an outdoor museum on the original farm’s footprint. Her sister Carolyn has also written a book that refers to this farm. The presentation tells the story of these events.

Angela Heslop

Since settling in Hermanus, Angela Heslop has worked in several NGO’s mainly concerned with health, which is her professional background. She is currently the chairperson Red Cross in Hermanus.

Angela was drawn to the local history of Hermanus by Esje du Toit, and together they created the History Board of Hermanus and developed several historical plaques. Angela has been involved in the progression of the Hermanus History Society since 2012.

She initiated Home Based Care in Zwelihle, later undertaking oral research about the history of Old Zwelihle. This has also led to the creation of two tapestries created by local people, illustrating their histories of Zwelihle and Mount Pleasant.

Topic: History Society Members’ Meeting
Time: Mar 29, 2021 04:00 PM