School History Project

Hermanus History Society

Hermanus History Group and local schools involved 2009

As part of developing a time line for Hermanus (definition below) we decided to gather community input regarding the proposed timeline by means of so-called ‘Memory Boxes’. These will 
be placed in local libraries and schools requesting members of the public to contribute individual memories regarding landmark events in their own lives in Hermanus.

Our first step was to involve Ms E Nel, history teacher in Hermanus High  to do a project with ( Grade 10 age 15) inviting them to develop a  Family tree and  interview  a relative – or someone else in their community

A total of 22 children (Grade 10 age 15) submitted projects.
Hawston                           1  (Afrikaans)
Zwelihle                           4  (English)
Mount Pleasant               7  (3 English, 4 Afrikaans)
Stanford                           3  (English)
Hermanus                       7  (4 Afrikaans,  3 English)

All the children attempted to create a family tree and all sought out a person to interview, the result which was very interesting and well done.  Interviews with family members or other community members included valuable information for further research for a timeline in our area’s history.

Plan: to repeat with Grade 8 and 9 in 2010  (Will discuss with Ms Nel again)

Definition: A historical time line is a graphical representation of a span of time and the chronological relationships of events in time. Key events and people who have made an impact are documented.