Chairperson’s Annual Report: 1 January to 31 December 2016

Chairperson’s Annual Report: 1 January to 31 December 2016

Scope of Report

The Chairperson’s Report reflects the period for 1 January to 31 December 2016. This brings the Society into line with the Constitution which prescribes an operating year as a calendar year, with an AGM before 31 March the following year.

Aims and area of focus

Greater Hermanus from Voelklip to Fisherhaven is the geographical area that involves the History Society. Briefly the aims of the society expressed in the constitution are to bring the history alive to residents and visitors, disseminate information, collecting, preservation of historical resources and collaborating with relevant bodies.

Organisational activity

Committee: Angela Heslop (Chair); Robin Lee (Secretary); Michael Clark (Treasurer); Cilene Bekker; Elsabe Brink; Blaise Jones; Storm Kreusch: resignations during year: Cilene Bekker; Co-option: Marinda Wilmans

Committee Meetings: 4 (February, May, August, November).Membership: at 1/1/2016: 95 ; at 28/11/2016: 101, there have been 8 members meetings and 2 excursions.

Correspondence: Email list is 121 (Members plus benefactors, other history societies and media)

Presentations to other organisations: 4 (U3A; SA Association of Retired Persons; Decorative Arts Society, Helderberg; Hermanus Business Chamber)

Articles published: 12, Articles in preparation: 6

Website: fully operational, updated at least monthly Both articles and website have been a source of enquiries.

Major projects ongoing: 4 (New Harbour; High Street; Lemm’s Corner, Mount Pleasant and Zwelihle History)


There has been initiatives that we have not been able to achieve due to resources for example the historical walks and restoring the Ella Gordon estate. This will require more of our members to be actively involved in planning events and participating in project work so that the society’s work is better shared.

Next reporting period:

This will cover the period January- December 2017.

Next Annual General Meeting:  March 2018