Members Meeting: Monday 26 August 2019

Catholic Church Hall: refreshments 15.30, meeting 16.00


THE LIVING TAPESTRY PROJECT – threads that bind us together presented by Angela Heslop

Since March 2018, Zwelihle in Hermanus has been the site of much unrest and violence, with residents unhappy about issues that include a lack of jobs and limited access to opportunities.

Looking for solutions, in late 2018 a group of residents initiated an embroidery project working with mostly unemployed people at the Youth Cafe in Zwelihle. The concept was inspired by the Keiskamma Art Project, pioneered by Carol Hofmeyr in the rural Eastern Cape in 2001. This Art Project, uses art and story-telling to enable people to express themselves and to provide a livelihood .It was envisaged that all communities of greater Hermanus could participate in making tapestries of their stories and thereby threads could be found that bind us together. The intention is for this collective tapestry to reflect the history of Zwelihle, Mount Pleasant, Hawston and central Hermanus. The Zwelihle tapestry was completed in December 2018 and work has begun in Mount Pleasant

An Oral History of Mount Pleasant presented by Kathie Buley

After initial workshops participants were provided with books and pens and they were asked to write down all that they remembered about events, people and places which would contribute to a better understanding of the scantily recorded history of Mount Pleasant. These stories were read and converted into a power point presentation which will be shared at a meeting. Making a tapestry will be undertaken in late August.